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It starts with nutrition

As a cancer survivor, Chef Buck actively chooses wholesome ingredients, even when possible organic, to create his food items. A nutritional breakdown is available of most all our menu items. One of his many roles has been teaching middle schoolers to read food labels allowing them to make better choices, a role he hopes to continue as he volunteers his time whenever requested. This willingness to give back landed him the title of "Citizen of the Year" for his local community in Anderson Township, OH.

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A catering favorite

Chef Buck’s Catering is a reboot of a company formed back in 1990 with 3 top chefs in Cincinnati. Their goal was to consult with local restaurateurs to improve profitability, food safety, and implement systems to ensure success.  This company went by the name of the Everything Culinary Co. Over the course of the 90’s, Buck Fletcher became the sole proprietor. The company morphed into a high-end catering company which specialized in top shelf events and private jet catering. ECC entered the 2000’s riding high opening up its second location before 911 brought the end of a great run.

After more than a decade with a major grocer, Chef Buck sharpened his knives and has relaunched Chef Buck's Catering. And here we are, ready to create delicious and nutritious food for all event types. We   can also ship most of our products throughout the US, our Cajun Marinated Shrimp with Chili-garlic Aioli is a favorite across the nation! The use of fresh and organic (when available) raw goods is how we delight our fans.

We work hand and hand with our private catered events. We customize our menus to suit each client's particular needs.


Chef Buck will personally respond to any e-mail promptly answering any questions.

About Chef Buck

Chef Buck got his Certification with the American Culinary Federation back in 1993, putting him in a very small percentage of Chefs across the nation!